Welcome to Reality’s End

Reality’s End is Koryou’s site for HQ screencaps, which generally means 1280px x 720px in size. As far as that is possible, these caps will be made from either iTunes files or DVD, so there won’t be any TV station logos or similarly annoying things to work around.

This is a non-commercial site. All caps you find here are free for you to download and use, but I ask that you at least link back to www.realitysend.de should you use my caps for graphics or in any other way.
Please also refrain from redistributing my screencaps anywhere else. There are only three places in which you should find my screencaps, and that is

  1. here
  2. at my LiveJournal community
  3. at my Dreamwidth community

I’d recommend either following this site or the LiveJournal community, since I regularly forget to update at Dreamwidth.

As far as updating frequency goes, I’m sorry to say it’s not exactly on schedule. I am in fact so far behind on several shows, that it gives me nightmares and cold sweat to think about how much I still have to do to catch even halfway up.

I hope this answered all questions you might have, but if there’s still something you want to ask or tell me, you can do so here.

Programs used:

  1. VirtualDub
  2. ReNamer
  3. Lazy Caps Chooser