Several Site Updates

Long time no see…

I have been neglecting this site for a whole year now, I’m very sorry about that. I promise to do better from now on, and to that end I decided to make some changes.

  1. I used to sort all my caps through, to throw out the blurry, dark, uninteresting and just bad ones. The main reason for that was that I uploaded them into my gallery as well, and I really didn’t want to waste space on unusable caps. The thing is, that sorting out took much more time than I had estimated – and it got boring oh so very fast. So from now on sorting will be quick and dirty, which leaves you with a lot more blurry caps than before.
  2. The second thing, which is connected to point one, is that I decided to get rid of the gallery. So the only way for you to get my caps from now in is to download the ZIP files. I’m sure you’ll manage.
  3. And since I don’t have the gallery anymore, this website suddenly needs a lot less space, which is why I moved it to another host. Right now I’m using their free hosting plan, but as of now I haven’t had any major problem with this host yet. Let’s hope it stays that way.

That said, all gallery links you might find on the site are obsolete now. As far as the download links go… I’m working on it. I had my ZIP files all uploaded at MegaUpload, and I think we all know what happened with that. Of course that’s not all. The very first incarnation of this site was hosted at, which on paper looked like a great idea. Then the owner changed, payment plans changed, and before you knew it there was the usual discrepancy between free users and those who paid for the space. (FYI, I paid for it too, back then, but that was at a time when you paid just once for different services and privileges and then never lost them. Or at least it was supposed to be like that.)

Anyway, I haven’t been able to actually access my website at for 2 years now – yes, two years. According to the support forum this is because they have been relocating their servers and installing new HDDs. Whatever.

This wouldn’t actually be a problem, but a few months ago I realized that a bunch of my screencaps had gone missing. That includes my Advent Children caps, as well as Monsters vs Aliens and several Leverage episodes. The Alice caps I only got back because one of my friends still had them. Nothing I can do about the movie caps, since those were never in the gallery, but the tv caps were. Only that I can’t get my fingers on them because my website at doesn’t work.

It’s all so very, very frustrating.

Enough ranting. I’m working on getting all the caps I already have uploaded again, and then I guess it’s time to move on and add some new stuff. Well, I’m back, Yes I’m back, Well I’m back in black…

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