Where did the year go?

I am amazingly bad at updating this site, holy shit. This is what happens when people don’t kick me in the ass to get me going.

Anyway, several things:

  1. Yesterday I happened to go through my bookmarks and clicked on the one for my old-old gallery and found out, to my great surprise and joy, that it’s online again. Which means that I can visit the site, but can’t log into my account or use FTP. But at least I managed to download all the caps that I had uploaded there, which brings me to…
  2. Supernatural – I’ve uploaded the caps for episodes 1×01-09 & 1×13, as well as 4×01-08 at Mediafire.
    Don’t ask me why the season one caps are larger than the others, or where episodes 10-12 are. No seriously, don’t ask, those caps are from 2006 and I have no damn clue. I found them on one of my disks a while ago, go figure.
    Episodes 4×11-22 will be uploaded later, I still need to sort a few of those out. Again, don’t ask me what happened to 4×09 & 4×10.
    Episodes 5×2-08 are also on my hard drive – no idea what happened to 5×01. I actually had those uploaded before… at MegaUpload. Yeah.
  3. Odds and ends: finally got around to sorting and uploading the caps of Primeval 4×07, as well as the unaired pilot of Sherlock.
    I… may be screencapping Teen Wolf season 3. If I manage to get my hands on all the HQ videos I need.
  4. Regarding file hosts – ugh. As much as I used to love Mediafire, by now it annoys me to hell. On the one hand I’m not allowed to password protect my archives when I upload them, on the other hand they decided – in all their endless wisdom – to remove the password protect feature at the site itself. Which sucks. I’m tempted to switch to using MEGA, now that the upload there actually works.
  5. I had a little of a SNAFU a few days ago when I had to update my WordPress as well as some plugins. One very, very important plugin. (Every WordPress user probably knows which one.) Fortunately the only thing I lost was some time and patience, phew. What I got is the new layout Twenty Fourteen, which I will test out on my WP test blog to see if it’s worth adapting my site layout to it. Hell, why not, it’s been a while since I played around with webdesign.

And that’s it for now, I think.

ETA: Actually, I forgot something. Thanks to my friend Mercy I got my Final Fantasy – Advent Children screencaps back, which I will upload now and then add to the Movies download page again. Sadly, that doesn’t include the caps I made later on of the newly added scenes in Advent Children Complete.