Teen Wolf, part 1


As I had already mentioned in my last post, I decided to screencap Teen Wolf – only season 3 for now, though. The caps for part a of the season are posted and ready for you to download, and as a little bonus you’ll get them even larger this time. Only the first two episodes are 1280×720, the rest is 1920×1080. (Or at least they are supposed to be, dear iTunes, and not 1916×1076.)

You can find samples here.

Three sample caps per episode and also three caps per row, which works out nicely, I guess. If you want to break your screen and see them in their actual size, you’ll have to right-click on the image once it’s open in the popup and select ‘view image’, or whatever else it says in your browser context menu. That goes for all images larger than 1280×720.

To download the screencaps, go here.