Teen Wolf 4×02-03


My internet went bye bye for a few days, so I couldn’t post last week’s screencaps. Means you get a two for one this time.

I’m also finally done with the season 3 screencaps, the last ones are uploading right now and will be posted in a little bit.

Download links | Samples

I was just thinking today, if anybody wants frame by frame caps of certain scenes, I could do that, too. But there’d be some rules.

  1. When I say scenes, I mean nothing longer than five minutes. Believe me, that alone are already a lot of screencaps. That means if you want to request something, you need to be specific about what you want capped.
  2. Time frame. The video files are way too big for me to keep indefinitely, so let’s say… 2 weeks from the date the episode aired.

Let me know if anybody would be interested in this, or if you all make your own screencaps for GIFs anyway.