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Teen Wolf 4×02-03


My internet went bye bye for a few days, so I couldn’t post last week’s screencaps. Means you get a two for one this time.

I’m also finally done with the season 3 screencaps, the last ones are uploading right now and will be posted in a little bit.

Download links | Samples

I was just thinking today, if anybody wants frame by frame caps of certain scenes, I could do that, too. But there’d be some rules.

  1. When I say scenes, I mean nothing longer than five minutes. Believe me, that alone are already a lot of screencaps. That means if you want to request something, you need to be specific about what you want capped.
  2. Time frame. The video files are way too big for me to keep indefinitely, so let’s say… 2 weeks from the date the episode aired.

Let me know if anybody would be interested in this, or if you all make your own screencaps for GIFs anyway.

Sherlock, Series 3

Well, since they are the most downloaded caps from my website I guess I should let you know that I won’t screencap series 3. The first 3 episodes were great, the second series was okay, the third one… I don’t know about you, but I was disappointed.

So yes, sorry about that, but I guess after six months it was pretty clear there wouldn’t be any new Sherlock caps coming.

Teen Wolf is back

As everybody has probably realized by now – at least those of you who paid some attention – I’m absolutely incapable of keeping to any kind of schedule. I swear I had planned to have the rest of season 3 uploaded before season 4 starts. Um, well… oops?

Since that didn’t work out, I guess I’ll be posting both seasons more or less parallel.

Teen Wolf S04E01 – The Dark Moon: Download Links | Samples

Teen Wolf, part 1


As I had already mentioned in my last post, I decided to screencap Teen Wolf – only season 3 for now, though. The caps for part a of the season are posted and ready for you to download, and as a little bonus you’ll get them even larger this time. Only the first two episodes are 1280×720, the rest is 1920×1080. (Or at least they are supposed to be, dear iTunes, and not 1916×1076.)

You can find samples here.

Three sample caps per episode and also three caps per row, which works out nicely, I guess. If you want to break your screen and see them in their actual size, you’ll have to right-click on the image once it’s open in the popup and select ‘view image’, or whatever else it says in your browser context menu. That goes for all images larger than 1280×720.

To download the screencaps, go here.



The screencaps for Torchwood series 2 and Children of Earth have been added in the download section.

Television > Torchwood

A note of warning: some shows are just an absolute horror to screencap. Torchwood is, for various reasons, one of those, which means that there’ll sadly be few perfect caps among these.


Torchwood s02

Torchwood s03


I started capping Sherlock today – and not with season 1 of course, no. Really where’s the fun in that? (I promise to also do that season when I get my hands on it.)

Anyway, for now have some season 2 screencaps. I’ve added a download page for Sherlock where you can download the ZIP files, or you can check them out in the gallery.

I’ll add the screencaps for the other two episodes soon.

Leverage Season 4

I finally got around to watching the new season of Leverage, and therefore starting to make screencaps. Only the caps of the first two episodes are uploaded yet, but I promise to get the rest up soon.

Also, this is a test. I want to see if the crossposting from WordPress to LJ works as advertised.