See the end for notes.

Season 1

Season 4

Season 5



Season 1 – Don’t ask me why the season one caps are larger than the others, or where episodes 10-12 are. No seriously, don’t ask, those caps are from 2006 and I have no damn clue. I found them on one of my disks completely by chance, go figure.

Season 4 & 5 – Again, don’t ask me what happened to 4×09 & 4×10… or 5×01.

Sadly, only the screencaps of season 1 and from 4×11 to 4×22 are logo-free, meaning the rest have on-screen ads and the CW station logo in them.

All of those caps are at least two years old, as I haven’t actually been watching the show since season 5. (Meaning the caps are probably even older than two years.) That said, no, I won’t make anymore Supernatural screencaps, this is it.