Teen Wolf

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Season 3a

Season 3b

Season 4



I admit, the main reason why I divided the third season into its parts on this page, is that I hated part a. Like many other people I almost despaired over what Jeff did in those 12 episodes. Part b though? Awesome.

In case you missed it, only the caps of 3×01 & 3×02 are in 1280×720, the rest are 1920×1080. You are welcome.

1) I’m in absolute denial about the title of this episode. According to the officials it’s supposed to be Lunar Ellipse. Which, what? First, what the hell is a lunar ellipse supposed to be? And second, the thing this episode hinges on is a lunar eclipse. So really, I don’t give a damn what Jeff Davis says, the episode title is Lunar Eclipse, the end.
(I’m actually almost sure that the ‘Ellipse’ bit was a typo, and now everybody is too embarrassed to admit it. ;) )